WDA Handover: Gasana thanked WDA Staff and Gatabazi pledged collaboration

The outgoing Workforce Development Authority (WDA) Gasana Jerome thanked WDA staff and his successor Eng Pascal Gatabazi promised to work hand in hand with his co-workers.

They express their feelings while handing over, the ceremony which was chaired by Minister of Education this 3rd December 2018.

Gasana, who chaired WDA said that, together with the staff they have served well the Nation and wish his substitute successful job.

“ I thank first of all those who have appointed us and gave us this responsibilities we have stood in for almost seven years, I also thanks those whom we shared those responsibilities because we have worked as team, particularly my thanks go to board members and all who have been close to me during my governance.”Gasana said during handover ceremony

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Gasana emphasized that the new Director General, Gatabazi will not experience huge challenges for he has already been a member of TVET for a long time and he knows about how WDA operates.

WDA Director General thanked Government of Rwanda for the daily efforts to promote TVET.

“I acknowledge  good leadership of our country, I also thank a great job that WDA has done, I am confident and I pledge to work with other staffers, I am ready to give all my energy to make WDA successful”

Minister of Education, Dr Eugene Mutimura, who chaired the that handover ceremony appreciated what WDA had  achieved and requested new DG to continue in that way with a team working spirit.

Gasana has been serving as Director General of WDA for 7 years and his Successor Eng Gatabazi took over before heading former Tumba College of Technology and IPRC Karongi.

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