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Rwanda TVET Board welcomes any potential and willing financing partner to support for skills development to respond to the Government short and long term strategies, programs and visions. Currently the main financing partners are the World bank and The Government of Rwanda providing funding to build the capacity of 22,900 Rwandans.

Rwanda TVET Board is the Government implementing entity in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the Ministry of Public Service and Labour, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of ICT, …

The Private Sector Federation (PSF) is considered the driver of the program. It leads the implementation of SDF as the chair of the Grant Committee, it plays a major role in the selection of training institutions with the capacity to provide quality training. It Participates in the development process of the curriculum for new and updated programmes at all levels, including standards setting, as well as developing and approving curricula, mobilize and recommend the potential company/industry, identify potential beneficiaries in close collaboration with RTB, and circulating announcements in different sectors and cells calling interested candidates fulfilling the set criteria for registration and informing them about the assessment sites, trades, dates, and other assessment requirements on site.

TVET Schools, Private companies, Cooperatives, Trade unions, NGOs… are our core implementing partners. Through an application process, they submit their project proposals which are evaluated and select eligible and capable institutions to respond to the noble objective of the program.

Our Partners


The most preferable training approach to be used by applying company is Company based training (On job training) and can identify local or international experts/training provider to facilitate the training, but the SDF Secretariat may assist if needed.