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WDA, partners move to train more youth in short-term training

The government of Rwanda through the ministry of education and Workforce Development Authority has launched the initiative to train 9,000 youth in short-term course training.

The support is part of Rwf21.6 billion dubbed “Skills Development Fund: SDF” funded by World Bank.

MINEDUC, WDA signed an MOU with the selected training companies regarding the projects implementation.

It will last for three years by training youth who had stopped their studies to acquire hands on skills by also including women and people with different disabilities.

The first stage will target about 90 projects with a support of Rwf2.1 billion benefitting about 4500 people in one year.

The minister of education in Rwanda Dr Eugene MUTIMURA who officiated the launch of this project thanked the World Bank which supported the government of Rwanda and assured that the government of Rwanda will sustain the project results.

“This is the project that we will continue to financially sustain. What we promise you is that the government has the initiative of training Rwandans so that they acquire hands on skills because we believe that the TVET is the source of the development in our country,” he said.

This is a timely support because it will help us to have the skilled youth with ability to put the acquired skills into practice.

The focus will be put on economic priority sectors that create job opportunities such as energy, transport and logistics, and manufacturing.

He said that the initiative will boost the seven-year program   that runs from 2017 to 2024 with target to create at least 1.5 new jobs.

The Director General of WDA, Eng. Pascal GATABAZI said that apart from the trainings, they will also contribute to the government program of creating more jobs for the youth.

He went on saying that this program of training Rwandans in short term training promotes made in Rwanda policy.

The selected beneficiaries lauded the support that will create new jobs.

He remarked the private sector needs workers with skills on which the projects has put an emphasis.


The representative of TAI Rwanda Ltd which produces garments said that they will use about Rwf200 million in training 360 youth in six months.

He said: “Considering the market that we have in next three years, we need about 2500 workers but that the cost of training them is high and therefore the support is much needed.”

The support we have got today from SDF and WDA is going to help us to give the skills to these youth which they didn’t acquire from school and they will gain them by being trained in the industries.

WDA assured that there will be follow up to make sure the support is effectively used and brings impact on the community.

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The most preferable training approach to be used by applying company is Company based training (On job training) and can identify local or international experts/training provider to facilitate the training, but the SDF Secretariat may assist if needed.