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Window II



The objective of this window is to provide out-of-school youth with practical skills for work in labor-intensive trades that align them with local demand and opportunities. The intervention of this window is short-term practical training for Massive Vocational Training (MVT).

Eligible applicants on short term practical training for out of school youth include  TVET schools from both public and private sector or any organization accredited to offer TVET programs and must have demonstrated capacity (knowledge, skill, practical experience, training facilities, and the necessary relevant machines/tools) to provide the proposed training. 

Both non-agricultural and agricultural courses are eligible for support. The training may include an introduction to basic entrepreneurial skills. The training duration for this intervention is six (6) months (3 months in the training institution and 3 months at workplace company/industry).

At this stage, grant will not fund the cost related to   equipment /Machinery. The evaluation of the Grant proposals will mainly base on project relevance, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

In selecting the best applicants to benefit from the grants, priority will be accorded to the training areas (Trades) falling under selected priority sectors including Manufacturing, Energy, Transport and Logistics, ICT based projects (programming, digital cloud, data analysis and internet of things), Hospitality (Culinary Art), Handcraft, Agriculture (horticulture and aquaculture), Construction and Mining.



The most preferable training approach to be used by applying company is Company based training (On job training) and can identify local or international experts/training provider to facilitate the training, but the SDF Secretariat may assist if needed.