District education officials, TVET schools managers recalled on Competence Based Training and Assessment

Ministry of education together with Workforce Development Authority (WDA) have today recalled the districts’ education officers and Technical and Vocational Education and Training’s managers on the country’s ambitions centered with Competency Based Training (CBT) and Competency Based Assessment (CBA).

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Participants that attended the workshop following the presentations

Under the government ambitions, the new competence based system (training and assessment) which rolled out two years ago, the country is looking for having people/graduates who could execute what they have been taught not reciting them vocally.

According to Hon. Olivier Rwamukwaya, the Minister of State in Charge of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), the country’s TVET system has harmonized the former Vocational Training Centers (VTC), and Technical Secondary Schools (TSS) to enhance the quality of education.

“The aim around the reforming TVET sector goes beyond students teaching but also the way the upgraded, which require them to develop competitive innovations based on quality education that is demand driven,” said Rwamukwaya.

Hon. Rwamukwaya said under the new competence based system (training and assessment), government has introduced the new way of assessing the students based on their competence on every year the finished. Under the framework, the Technical Secondary Schools (TSS) and the Vocational Training Centres (VTC's) harmonized.

“Officials give light to certain issue that have been hampering our sector, be it in management and competence based training,” said Hassan Sally Sibomana, the TVET schools manager in Musanze district.

With the introduction of a modular system of teaching in TVET that is competency based, TSS managers are encouraged to make their schools more technical where a student is able to enter the labour market after completion of one level of training before proceeding to the next one.

“We have been cooperating with private sector on the way of assessing the TVET students during their internship period,” said Jerome Gasana, the Director General of Workforce Development Authority.

According to Mr. Gasana, cabinet has recently adopted project that will support the skills development in TVET sector, and the development has to be featured with, Private Sector Federation, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour.

TSS managers also concur on reinforcing discipline in schools and improved communication especially on new TVET policies. They further requested the Ministry of Education to support them in capacity building.

The state Minister in charge of TVET said that the Ministry has already established TVET training center for trainers as one way to support quality training. Apart from upgrading skills, the TVET training center is to serve in proving training on pedagogy and communication skills.

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